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Lap App Pink background with hexagons

Lap App Pink background with hexagons


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This small adjustable lap table provides a rest for hands making it ideal for appliqué and handwork as well as tracing, marking, and small ironing tasks.

-Helps reduce fatigue in neck, shoulders, arms and back.
-Can be adjusted in multiple directions: up/down, forward/backward, flat/slant
-Handcrafted of natural pine and Baltic birch woods
-Star Knobs for easy adjustment
-Non-slip surface for tracing and marking quilt pieces
-Three spindles for thread storage
-Strong magnet to keep track of needles
-100% cotton cover is removable and washable in various sewing theme novelty prints
-Cover features a pocket for storing scissors and seam rippers
-Includes a sewing pattern to make replacement covers or an ironing cover

Surface measures 12″ x 8″, height can be adjusted from 4″ – 8″
-Collapses for travel
-Heirloom Quality