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Inspira QBOT Mega

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Inspira QBOT Mega


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QBOT by Inspira

DREAM… about the possibilities
The most anticipated innovation in quilting has arrived.   The QBOT™ by Inspira™ offers professional results…easily and automatically.   Simply put, the QBOT™ does everything for you.  

 DISCOVER…how to make your dreams become a reality. 

Why pay someone to create a professional quilt, when the QBOT can do it for you?   
Automatic hands-free movement creates the perfect design that would be impossible to do by hand.  You are now the professional!   Just think about all of those quilting projects that you started, but never finished.   The QBOT™ will complete your quilting projects in a fraction of the time.


DESIGN…more intricate quilting than you ever imagined. 

With more than 18 quilting designs included, you can start creating beautiful designs immediately.   If you prefer, you can “record” your very own one-of-a-kind pattern and repeat it the same way, or shrink it, anywhere you want on the quilt.


DONE!  Take pride in professional results, the easy way. 

 The QBOT™ by Inspira™ is easy to set up and use.  A video DVD walks you through the simple installation.  You’ll be quilting beautiful creations before you know it!  If you already own a quilt frame and sewing machine, you will probably not need to purchase a different one.  
With the unlimited creative possibilities open to you, the QBOT™ will pay for itself in a short time. 


For more details visit www.myqbot.com